“Your Personal Mortgage Expert”

When dealing with a bank, you are limited to their specific products, guidelines, and rates. Lender’s rates vary on certain products at varying times. What if you don’t qualify under their guidelines, what if their rates aren’t that good, will they tell you which bank really has the best product for you?It’s the bank employee’s job to sell you their employer’s product regardless of what they know the other lenders are offering.

When dealing with mortgage consultants like us, it’s much different – we are licensed mortgage experts and we work for you! We can set you up with whichever lender has the best rate and product to fit your needs. We will provide you with a wide range of lenders and mortgages designed to fit your needs. Our large volume of business ensures you get the best rate all the time and our experience and expertise ensures you get the right product and everything goes smoothly from start to finish. All your questions get addressed in a timely manner and you know you can rest assured that we will be fully looking out for your best interest, at all times. You can expect the highest level of customer service from us, as a result of our long experience in the financial industry and resulting relationships.

Pam Martin of Invis, Mortgage Broker – Kelowna,Vernon, Penticton, Okanagan, British Columbia, Canada